Baghdad Launches Infrastructure Projects

By John Lee.

Al Shorfa has reported an announcement by the provincial governor of Baghdad Riyadh al-Adhadh that infrastructure projects worth 200 billion dinars ($172 million) will be launched shortly in the towns surrounding Baghdad.

While the provincial governor announced the news, it is notable that Baghdad's controversial mayor Naim Abub al-Kaabi  has come under fire in recent months for failure to complete infrastructure projects amid rumours of corruption, according to the subscription news letter Inside Iraqi Politics. 

The new projects will cover water purification, roads, electricity and sanitation, and will be carried out in Abu Ghraib, al-Mahmoudiyyah, al-Taji, al-Yusufiyyah, al-Tarmiya, Jisr Diyala and al-Sada.

(Source: Al Shorfa)



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