Iran Khodro Ups Production

ZSCo, the company in Iskandariya [Alexandria] (50 kilometers south-west of Baghdad) in which Iran Khodro (IKCO) cars are assembled, is now producing at a rate of 10 cars per hour, according to an announcement from IKCO.

The company's CEO said:

"[The] Geographical proximity of Iran and Iraq is considered as a noticeable advantage for IKCO as is the low cost of shipping and transport and the provision of spare parts in Iraqi market in the shortest possible time."

The sales manager of ZSCo's central dealership added that the Iraqi market was a strategic one for IKCO, saying that the company was trying to acquire an "appropriate share" of the Iraqi market by applying new methods of marketing and sale and after-sales services and improving the quality of the car.

ZSCo's ​​240 thousand square meter facility houses 18 thousand square meters of production shops with the capacity of 120 thousand cars annually.

(Source: IKCO)

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