Uncertain Prospects for Iraqi 'Sunni Alliance'

The problem is not only about forming a Sunni coalition. In the end, the matter can be resolved between the above forces. Informed sources told Al-Monitor that there are proposals to resolve the leadership crisis by forming a shared leadership committee where the decision weight would be proportional to the number of seats of each bloc. This is the same mechanism applied in the “National Alliance,” which includes the Shiite forces, and “the Kurdistan Alliance,” which includes the Kurdish forces.

The biggest challenge, according to these sources, is to achieve a policy consensus in light of seemingly fateful intersections about the position regarding forming a “Sunni province,” or at least “the province of Mosul” between the current of the Nujaifi brothers (Osama and Athil al-Nujaifi) on the one hand, and Allawi and Mutlaq on the other.

But the crisis is even bigger than that. According to leaks from within Nujaifi’s Mutahidoun bloc to Al-Monitor, there are concerns within the bloc about Nujaifi’s uncompromising rhetoric before the election about “the impossibility of allying with a government headed by Maliki” and the possibility that this rhetoric may be used to justify excluding the Sunnis from the next government if the Shiites agree on making Maliki their sole candidate for prime minister.

It is certain that there are Sunni-Sunni talks about how to produce a unified Sunni vision on issues of contention with Baghdad and on how to reach a common consensus on the formation of a “Sunni alliance,” its administration, its leadership, its role in distributing power, its understandings, alliances and priorities, and especially its position on the Anbar war and the complaints of Sunni areas generally. However, it is not certain that such an alliance could come to light, given the inconsistent orientations and interests of the various parties.

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One Response to Uncertain Prospects for Iraqi 'Sunni Alliance'

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    Cristiano Ronaldo
    17th May 2014 at 18:26 #

    Obviously if the sunni arabs make common cause with kurds and the shia arabs are splitted or not 100% supporting al-Maliki, then Dawa needs to put other more reasonable people than al-Maliki and Sharistnis. In other case, it is the death of the republic of Iraq.

    In other Words, is Dawa al-Maliki and Sharistani or is tere other names who could compell with <iran and other major Winner parties in Iraq? In such case, now is the time to come up

    By the way, the USA has nothing or very little to say in this question. Iran has more to say and more influence in all parts of Iraq