KRG Statement on Violence Against Women

The KRG abhors the practice of so-called honour killing, and is committed to combating violence against women in all its forms. The current case of Dunya will be managed by the judicial system, which is mandated to handle such matters.

Without prejudice to this case, which is currently under investigation, the KRG restates unequivocally its policy to protect the women of Kurdistan from violence and to prosecute perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law, without regard for supposed motivating pretext.

Prime Minister Barzani stated:

As a matter of principle we are against all forms of violence against women in the Kurdistan Region. We in the Kurdistan Region, and I myself as Prime Minister for the caretaker government, assure you that we strongly condemn this incident.”

“In fact, this act is far from any tradition - any cultural or religious tradition – and therefore I want to emphasize that the KRG will conscientiously follow-up this and other cases of violence. The KRG is serious about putting a stop to violence against women in the Kurdistan Region. Every effort will be taken to arrest the perpetrators and bring them to court.”

(Source: KRG)

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