Tunisair Launches Direct Flights

Tunisair announced two direct flights per week to Kurdistan at the first Tunisia – Kurdistan Economic Forum hosted by the KRG in Erbil.

Tunisian government officials, representatives of more than 50 companies, as well as journalists were among the delegation aboard the first Tunisair flight to arrive in Kurdistan.

At the well-attended forum, KRG Minister of Trade and Industry Sinan Chalabi welcomed the decision to commence direct flights. He said, “There are numerous fields in which we can benefit from trade with Tunisia, particularly tourism, agriculture, and industry, as Tunisia exports to more than 160 countries and is considered a major trading partner of the European Union.”

He added, “The KRG adopts an open-door policy regarding the economic activity of other countries, and Tunisia is most welcome to the Kurdistan Region. There is significant opportunity and potential from both sides that can be utilized to expand economic relations.”

Tunisian Ambassador to Iraq Samir Jamai expressed his gratitude for the warm reception, ensuring that his country “is keen to develop trade relations with the Kurdistan Region.” Speaking to KRG.org, the Ambassador highlighted the potential for successful cooperation. He said, “There must be common exchange and mutual benefit for both sides. The KRG has opened its doors for Tunisian companies, which is especially important after Tunisia’s growth following the political crisis in 2010.”

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