Kurdish Businessmen to Visit Tunisia

President of the Entrepreneurs Union of Kurdistan, Samir Ismail Daizi, has announced that a delegation of entrepreneurs of the region will pay a visit in Tunisia in September 2014.

During a Tunisian-Kurdish business forum held, Monday in Erbil, on the theme "opportunities of partnership and trade exchanges", Daizi said that the visit scheduled by the Kurdish businessmen comes following "the confirmation of the quality of the services provided by the Tunisian firms of public works and their conformity to the European and international standards."

The Kurdish official said that the businessmen delegation will count 40 to 50 entrepreneurs from Kurdistan and that their visit in Tunisia will allow them to see directly the Tunisian suppliers and industrialists without going through, in accordance to the procedure in force until now, their counterparts in Jordan.

Sinene Al-Jalabi, Kurdish Minister of Industry and Trade emphasised, during the forum, attended by about 50 Tunisian businessmen and an important number of Kurdish investors, the importance of the first direct flight Tunis-Erbil (capital of Iraqi Kurdistan) of the Tunisair company, launched on June 1, 2014, in strengthening economic relations between the two countries.

"This flight will establish fruitful trade relations and highlight the potentialities of the region of Kurdistan, notably in matters of tourism and also its riches in raw materials," he said.

Al- Jalabi also highlighted the expertise and the skills of the Tunisian human resources, confirming the existence of a real investment potential in Kurdistan, notably, in the field of health and tourism.

Besides, the Kurdish Minister stated the readiness of the authorities of the region to ensure all the conditions favorable to development of relations with Tunisia in various fields.

In this connection, he emphasised the need to strive in collaboration with the concerned departments to facilitate the procedures of getting visas for tourists as well as for investors.

CEPEX CEO Abdellatif Hmam underlined that Tunisian enterprises are oriented, henceforth, towards the foreign markets and ready to develop co-operation with the Kurdish firms in several fields.

The participants in the Tunisian-Kurdish forum said that this gathering will spare no effort to identify partnership opportunities between the Tunisian entrepreneurs and their Kurdish counterparts.

(Source: KRG)

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