Iraq 3rd Last in Good Country Index

By John Lee.

Iraq has been ranked in 123rd position out of 125 countries in the newly-devised Good Country Index, placing it just ahead of Vietnam and Libya.

The idea of the Good Country Index is to measure what each country contributes to the common good of humanity, and what it takes away. Using a wide range of data from the U.N. and other international organisations, each country is given a balance-sheet to show at a glance whether it’s a net creditor to mankind, a burden on the planet, or something in between.

The creator of the Index, Simon Anholt, commented:

"Today as never before, we desperately need a world made of good countries. We will only get them by demanding them: from our leaders, our companies, our societies, and of course from ourselves."

Top ranking went to Ireland, followed by Finland and Switzerland.

(Source: The Good Country Index)

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