Iraq Unrest Costs Jordan $113m/mth

By John Lee.

Middle East Monitor reports that the unrest in Iraq costs Jordanian industries approximately $113 million per month.

The Chairman of Jordan's Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Association, Fathi Jaghbir, said exports to Iraq have "almost stopped", adding:

"The unstable situation in Iraq has damaged a large industry in Jordan. Iraq is one of the largest importers of goods manufactured Jordan. It is worth nearly a billion dollars a year.

"Stopping Jordanian exports to Iraq harms Iraqi investors also; those who built factories in Jordan to produce goods for the Iraqi markets.

"Large orders which had already been prepared for the Iraqi markets exist in the stores of the Jordanian factories and companies. This harms the Jordanian industry, too."

(Source: Middle East Monitor)

(Picture: Tirbil (Tarbiel) border crossing between Jordan and Iraq's Anbar province)

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