KRG Oil "to Restart in Coming Days"

By John Lee.

Turkish officials have announced that the flow of crude oil to the port of Ceyhan (pictured) will be resumed in the coming days, after oil tankers at the port are loaded.

The flow was stopped last week when the port reached its storage capacity. According to Daily Sabah, the total storage capacity Ceyhan has allocated for KRG oil is about 2.5 million barrels.

KRG oil exports from Ceyhan began on 22nd May 22 and so far Turkey has transferred nearly 4 million barrels of oil from the KRG to international markets, and oil industry experts say that three new tankers are expected to arrive in Ceyhan in the coming days to load 2.5 million of KRG oil.

However, the fate of the crude remains unclear. Turkish officials say that they are not involved in the sale of oil. "Our jobs end here when the crude oil is loaded onto tankers in Ceyhan. We are not involved in the rest of the deal and we don't deal with the buyer and price issues," a senior official from Turkey's state-owned pipeline operator BOTAS remarked.

(Source: Daily Sabah)

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