Casualty Figures for July 2014

*CAVEATS: Data do not take into account casualties of the current IA operation in Anbar, for which we report at the bottom the figures received by our sources.


UNAMI recorded a minimum 400 security incidents in different parts of Iraq. Among these incidents, are included 62 incidents by air attack caused a minimum of 823 casualties killed and injured. 30 incidents caused by vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED) and suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (SVBIED), which caused a minimum of 535 casualties killed and injured. 78 incidents using improvised explosive devices (IEDs) caused a minimum of 322 civilian casualties killed and injured. 67 incidents with small arms fire (SAF) caused a minimum of 141 casualties killed and injured.

Operations in Anbar

Due to official holidays of Eid-ul-Fitr, UNAMI was not able to obtain casualty figures from Ramadi and other areas of Anbar. UNAMI was only able to obtain the figures for Fallujah from the General Hospital of Fallujah; the total civilian casualties in Fallujah up to 30 July inclusive were 132 killed and 421 injured. UNAMI will publish the figures for Ramadi as soon as they are available.

(Source: UN)

(Terrorism image via Shutterstock)

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