Maliki Pledges Peaceful Fight to Retain PM Title

By John Lee.

It's something many academics and Maliki observers have long feared: that if cornered, Maliki would use loyalist Iraqi forces, in particular the Iraqi Special Operations Forces, to hold onto power.

Instead, The Wall Street Journal  have reported that Maliki has pledged to pursue his fight to retain the top spot through the courts, something analysts say is looking increasingly unfeasible.

Several prominent Iraq observers, including Reidar Visser and Kirk Sowell have noted for some time that Maliki's days are well and truly numbered.

It's an assessment which has looked increasingly sound as former Maliki loyalists have jumped ship, including some prominent ex-allies of the PM.

Furthermore, outside of Iraq both Iran and the United States have signaled their  patience with Maliki has run out, and crucially the highest clerical authority in Iraq, Grand Ayatollah Ali-al-Sistani has signaled his discontent with the outgoing PM.

Maliki has called President Fouad Massoum's nomination "unconstitutional" and vowed to continue holding on to the PM position, however he has noted that he will step down "for the unity of Iraq" if necessary.

(Source: WSJ)



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