Al-Khatteeb: The Abadi I Know

By Robert Tollast.

Iraq Energy Institute Director and Brookings Fellow Luay al-Khatteeb (pictured) has written a biography piece for Haider-al Abadi for The Huffington Post.

Al-Khatteeb outlines some of the huge challenges Abadi faces, but notes that from 24 years of knowing PM Abadi, the new Iraqi premier is well suited to take on the momentous problems Iraq faces. Al-Khatteeb notes,

"In both a personal and professional capacity, I have found him to possess in-depth knowledge of the complex socioeconomic and political fabric of Iraq as well as being a shrewd and pragmatic political operator. Furthermore, he is a 'people's person' who relates well with laymen, the clergy, intellectuals, policy makers and businessmen on a wide range of issues.I have personally witnessed his natural ability to navigate to the crux of a matter and reach consensus between conflicting views or interests. If Abadi is sworn in to office, he will need all of these skills and more to overcome the challenges Iraq faces."


(Source: The Huffington Post)

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