Baghdad Province Accommodates Refugees

By Patrick Schmidt.

The Baghdad local government has announced the opening of refugee camps in Al-Nahrawan for those who are fleeing the violence of the Islamic State (IS) in the north.

The complex cost $4.3 million dollars and can house up to 1,000 families with facilities including schools, hospitals, shops, and recreational facilities.

"The complex is one of the largest displacement camps in the country," said Baghdad governor Ali Mohsen al-Tamimi. "It can be expanded, and it was the fruit of extraordinary efforts made by the province to provide shelter for displaced people as soon as possible and as a priority before the start of the new school year.”

Currently, a number of refugees are currently living in temporary housing locations across the province and capital city. The Baghdad local government is making an attempt to improve their standard of living as well as residency record information for those who have been displaced.

(Source: Mawtani)


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