Jordanian Trade Hit by ISIL Advance

By John Lee.

Iraq was once the consumer of some 20% of Jordan's exports, but since the border between the two countries is now all but closed, this trade has dropped off dramatically.

Al Jazeera has reported that the number of trucks crossing the border between the two countries has fallen from an average of 500 per day to just 25 per day.

Jordan borders the Iraqi province of al-Anbar (Trebil border crossing pictured) which has been under partial Iraqi government control since December 2013.

The capital of the province, Ramadi, is still in government hands in part due to pro-government tribal fighters known as Sahwa.Trucks can still make the journey between the two countries, the report noted, but the crisis has turned a two day journey into a two week trek.

Since Jordan has been partly dependent on Iraqi oil supplies and has economic worries of its own, Jordanian business leaders have stressed the severity of the situation.

(Source: Al Jazeera)

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