200 Laws In Limbo, 6,000 Unfinished Projects

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Iraq’s New Parliament: 200 Laws In Limbo, 6,000 Unfinished Projects And One Messy Constitution

As Iraq’s new government slowly evolves into a sitting Parliament, there are hundreds of pieces of legislation that need attention. Some of the most important could help resolve Iraq's looming, and current, economic and security crises.

As Iraq’s new government slowly evolves, a formidable task awaits it: There are more than 200 pieces of legislation that need to be tackled, according to the Iraqi Parliament’s own website. Some are on the road to becoming a reality; others have yet to be tabled. Many of them would help to build a better, more peaceful Iraq with a more just distribution of power.

And among these are a handful of very important laws that most certainly would make an impact on the current economic and security problems. In particular, the laws that would help ease the tensions that have recently been increasing between the three major religious and ethnic components of Iraqi society, that is, Iraq’s Sunni Muslims, Shiite Muslims and the country’s Kurds.

One of the most prominent pieces of legislation awaiting approval is that around the formation of Iraq’s so-called Federation Council. Although the Iraqi version has some significant differences, this body could act in a similar way to the US Senate, the German Bundesrat or the House of Lords in the UK.

In a blog post for NL Aid, writer Nasos Mihalakas points out that the Iraqi Constitution encourages Iraq's provinces to become more independent and form their own regions, in a similar way to how the semi-autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan currently operates. To prevent separatism, conflict or the total disintegration of the nation, another element of government is required, Mihalakas suggests, and this would be the Federation Council.

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