Dhi Qar to Invest $430m in Power Projects

By John Lee.

The Dhi Qar governorate intends to invest 500 billion Iraqi dinars ($430 million) in power projects in the next three years, according to a report from Emirates 24/7.

Shanan Al Zamli, chairman of the electricity committee in the governing council, told al-Sumaria that the investment will add 2,000 MW to its generating capacity, bringing it up from 1,000 MW to 3,000 MW, which will help to tackle the severe power shortage in the governorate.

He added that the council had already approved a project to build a 1,000-MW power plant to the north of Nasiriyah, and another 1,000-MW plant in Suq Al Shuyukh in the south of the province.

(Source: Emirates 24/7)

(Electricity image via Shutterstock)

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