KRG Thanks US for Supporting Peshmerga

Minister Falah Mustafa, Head of the Department of Foreign Relations, began a weeklong visit to Washington DC by thanking America for supporting the peshmerga in their battle against the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham and briefing US congressmen and businesspeople about the humanitarian crisis facing the Kurdistan Region.

Minister Mustafa will be joined by Fuad Hussein, President Masoud Barzani’s Chief of Staff, today when both will be hosted by the United States Institute of Peace for an open discussion regarding developments in the region.

Minister Mustafa began his US visit by briefing members of the US-Kurdistan Business Council. He thanked them for their ongoing support and investment in the Kurdistan Region. "Kurdistan remains open and welcoming to businesses and investors," the Minister said. "We remain committed to our contracts, and to our principles of providing support to the business community. Today there are more opportunities than ever to invest in the Kurdistan Region.

He assured the business leaders that the Kurdistan Regional Government is confident in the peshmerga as they go on the offensive against ISIS terrorists, and that the Region remains politically and economically stable.

ISIS terrorists overran the city of Mosul in northern Iraq in June and have since then taken further swathes of Iraqi territory, committing crimes that experts say amount to genocide and crimes against humanity against the population.

The peshmerga, with the support of US airstrikes, have made advances and regained some of the areas taken by ISIS. However, ISIS’s move into Iraq has caused hundreds of thousands of people, particularly Christians and Yezidis, to flee to Kurdistan for safety.

The KRG US Representation hosted Minister Mustafa at a roundtable meeting with officials from international nongovernmental organizations that operate in the Kurdistan Region, briefing them on the humanitarian needs of the 1.4million Syrian refuges and internally displaced people, and the response on the ground.

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