Afren Resumes Operations at Barda Rash

By John Lee.

Afren has announced that, following an improvement in the security situation in the border region of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, it has begun the process of returning staffing levels to normal at the Barda Rash field with a view to resuming drilling and production activities as soon as possible with the expectation that operations will be fully resumed by end October.

This follows the temporary and precautionary step of implementing a phased withdrawal of field personnel as announced on 8 August 2014.

Field operations at Ain Sifni, operated by Hunt Oil, have already resumed to normal levels.

Afren's primary consideration is the safety and wellbeing of employees. The decision to resume full operations at Barda Rash has been made following a close monitoring of the situation and in close consultation with the relevant authorities.

(Source: Afren)

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