Extremists Ban Evolution, Patriotism And Literature

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In Iraqi Classrooms, Sunni Muslim Extremists Ban Evolution, Patriotism And Literature

In areas under the control of Sunni Muslim extremists, teachers have been issued a special set of instructions. Among other things they say that males and females are to be separated, all mentions of evolution are to be removed from textbooks and anything that encourages patriotism –like the phrase, “Republic of Iraq” – is banned.

As the school year began in Iraq recently, schools in the areas in the northern province of Kirkuk that are under the control of Sunni Muslim extremists received their own special set of instructions.

The Sunni Muslim extremists group known as the Islamic State, or IS, issued most schools in west Kirkuk –including the areas of Zab, Riyadh, Abbasi and Rashad in the Hawija district - a special document called Bushra Wa Tamim.

One of local school teachers there, Abdullah al-Jibouri, told NIQASH: “This means ‘good news from the commander of the faithful’ as he attempts to banish ignorance and elevate Sharia sciences.”

In fact this was the IS group’s set of new instructions for local schools. NIQASH sighted a copy of these instructions, which were signed by the so-called Ministry of Education of the Islamic State. The most important part of the document states that every student at every stage of school should be considered to have passed the scholastic year of 2013-2014; Iraq’s school year starts in October and ends in June. The only exceptions would be the sixth grade, as well as any students who were failed because they cheated or because they were absent or because they didn’t have the right to participate in exams.

The IS group’s instructions also state the following: “Classes shall be resumed at the beginning of the current school year and will be conducted according to Sharia rules, males and females will be separated and this applies to the teaching and administrative staff too”.

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