China's First Diplomat Posted to Kurdistan

Chinese Consul General Tan Banglin this week visited the KRG Department of Foreign Relations to present his credentials as his country’s first diplomat posted to Kurdistan, and to discuss areas of cooperation between both sides.

Minister Falah Mustafa warmly welcomed Consul General Banglin and congratulated him on his new post, assuring him of the KRG’s full support for the new Chinese Consulate.

The Minister briefed the Consul General on the latest security and humanitarian developments in the Kurdistan Region and assured him that the KRG is capable of ensuring safety and security in the Region.

Consul General Banglin explained that he is very pleased to have the opportunity to work in the Kurdistan Region, expressing his country’s solidarity with and support for the Kurdistan Region in fighting against the terrorists.

Both sides discussed bilateral relations and areas of potential cooperation, expressing commitment to establish strong cultural, political, and economic ties.

They also discussed the formation of the new Iraqi government and the political process in Iraq. They agreed that the success of the new government would require genuine power sharing and adherence to the Iraqi Constitution.

Minister Mustafa pointed out that the Kurdistan Region attaches great importance to relations with members of the international community, including China, as a major global power.

He noted that China and the KRG should forge a long-term relationship based upon a foundation of mutually beneficial economic interests.

(Source: KRG)

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