Jordan Seeks Repayment of Business Debts

By John Lee.

Middle East Monitor reports that businesses in Jordan are asking the Iraqi government to pay for goods supplied during the Saddam era, amounting to a total of around $522 million (609 Iraqi dinars).

The two countries had a commercial protocol during the old regime under which Iraq supplied Jordan with oil at a preferential rate in return for consumer goods, including food.

Jordan used to pay for Jordanian companies to export goods for Iraq. However, according to the report, some of the companies signed deals directly with the Iraqi government directly and not under the terms of the protocol.

These companies are still owed money by the Iraqi government, a fact recognised by both Baghdad and Amman.

Meanwhile, Iraq has called for the transfer of its money frozen by Jordanian banks following the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

(Source: Middle East Monitor)

(Picture: Tirbil (Tarbiel) border crossing between Jordan and Iraq)

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