Cargo Village Opened at Suleimani Airport

KRG Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani inaugurated the Cargo Village at Suleimani International Airport with the laying of a foundation stone for a new terminal.

The ceremony was attended by several Kurdistan Regional Government Ministers, the Governor of Suleimani, other government officials and business people.

Deputy Prime Minister Talabani highlighted aviation as an essential backbone for economic, cultural, and social development, and the Cargo Village as another important step in connecting the Kurdistan Region with the world.

He said the project will provide increasing opportunity for investors and merchants to participate in global trade.

To rapidly enhance the Region’s growth, the Deputy Prime Minister urged the relevant bodies to review and revise its procedures in order to streamline the flow of goods and services.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted:

The airport plays a vital role in the cultural relations between the Region and the world and it leads to improved bilateral diplomatic relations with other countries ...

"When we had no airport people faced difficulties at the Ibrahim Khalil and Bashmakh border crossings, but today we fly directly to other countries.

During these times of heightened security measures Deputy Prime Minister Talabani highlighted the military importance of the Region’s airports for “receiving weapons and military support in our fight against terrorists."

(Source: KRG)

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