Ghost Contractors sink Baghdad after Rains

Officials in Baghdad province refused to answer Al-Monitor’s questions regarding the corruption in many infrastructure projects in the Iraqi capital.

Safa Abdul Hadi, head of the news department at the Al-Iraqiya TV channel, told Al-Monitor, “The government campaign against corruption should include a follow-up on the lagging services and infrastructure projects, of which nothing has been achieved so far, despite the tens of billions of dollars that were allocated.”

“The most serious corruption case is the strategic water drainage projects, leading to a tragedy. The accumulation of water in winter is impeding the citizens’ movement, which reflects on their daily activities,” he added.

Abdul Hadi said, “Most major cities in Iraq still lack such projects, including the capital, Baghdad, for various reasons, most notably corruption and mismanagement.”

In light of the oil price decline and the large financial burden resulting from the war on IS, financial corruption in Iraq will have a greater impact on the projects’ work flow and citizens’ standards of living. This requires decisive measures to halt the corruption.

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