Open Letter on the Latest Oil Agreement with KRG

  1. For that who wants to have a new beginning with the Region, he has to oblige the Region to correct its current and future conducts in return for forgiving the past. That means the new beginning should be formulated and premised on the Constitution as interpreted, in case of dispute, by the Federal Supreme Court not by the wishes or dictates of the Region.
  2. Therefore, we recommends the Federal Government to prepare properly for new round of negotiation according to the Constitution, fairness and sound principles such as no prior concessions; no concession without corresponding equivalent; do not undermines powerful negotiation cards/leverages it has such us suspending Region’s share in the budget and keeping the legal actions taken already against it; there should be certain objectives and fundamentals that is not permitted to violate them including the determination of the Region’s share in accordance with official records and recover what was paid to the Region differently; estimation of oil exported by the Region contrary to the Constitution and reimburses their values to state treasury; oil export should remain exclusively through SOMO; the Region should have its contribution to the sovereign expenditures similar to other parts of the country; the return of control and authority in the disputed areas to its position prior to the occupation in last July.

We hope that we were successful in shedding light on this agreement and that our remarks and analysis are beneficial and helpful to correct it and build on them for the service of and fairness to all Iraqis; with God’s blessing.

20 December 2014

Signed by: Tariq Ihsan Shafiq, Karim Ali AlShamma, Dr. Thamir Abdulhameed Uqaili, Kamil Mahmoud AlMehaidi, Fouad Qassim AlAmeer, Ahmed Mousa Jiyad, Abdulzahra Kadim AlMohamadawi, Hamza AlJawahiri, Dhyae Shamkhi AlBakka, Dr. Barik Schuber, Shamkhi Hwait Faraj, Munier AlChalabi, Dr. Kamil Abbas Mahdi, Husain Mahmoud AlMehaidi, Alla Khadum AlKateeb, Fouad Raouf AlKhadhimi, Noori Hamid AlAni, Ghathanfar AlKindi, Dr. Mahboob AlChalabi and Dr. Kamil AlAdhadh.

* This Statement was formally delivered to the intended recipient authorities by Dr. Mehdi Hafedh, Member of Parliament and former Minister of Planning as per his parliamentary memo number 103 dated 23 December 2014.


8 Responses to Open Letter on the Latest Oil Agreement with KRG

  1. Re da Caste 30th December 2014 at 09:58 #

    You, Ahmed, you have been supporting Malikis and Shahristanis dividing politics in Iraq leading to the war and economical disaster going on in the country and you still have the guts to criticise Abadis and Mehdis new approach in order to bring peace in Iraq! You are really a piece of garbage. But I understand it's easy to sit in Norway and have opinions, another thing is to be there and feel ISIS bullets getting close. But I can assure you Pershmerga will fix the problems after Malikis army deserted the field, and they will also secure the oil will flow through Kurdistan region.