Luxemburg Pledges Support to Kurdistan

On Saturday, the Head of KRG Foreign Relations, Minister Falah Mustafa, received Mr. Jean Asselborn, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxemburg and his accompanying delegation to discuss strengthening of bilateral relations as well as developments in the region.

Minister Mustafa welcomed Minister Asselborn in his first visit to Kurdistan and expressed the desire of the Kurdistan Regional Government to build strong ties between the Kurdistan Region and Luxemburg.

Minister Mustafa briefed the visiting minister on the military, humanitarian, economic and political challenges facing the Kurdistan Region and called for further humanitarian support from the government of Luxemburg and the international community during this challenging time.

Minister Asselborn thanked Minister Mustafa for his warm welcome and commended the KRG on its economic, political and security achievements.

He added, “We are in favor of providing Military assistance to the Peshmerga forces. We have clearly stated our support for the decision of Germany and other EU countries to provide military assistance to the Kurdistan Region.”

Minister Asselborn highly spoke of the role of the Peshmarga forces in the fight against ISIS and of the KRG in accommodating over 1.5 million refugees and displaced people and pledged that Luxemburg will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to those vulnerable people who have taken refuge in the region.

Both ministers also discussed potential areas of cooperation and expressed their commitment to work together in order to further develop bilateral relations for the benefit of both sides.

Mr. Karwan Jamal, Deputy Head of DFR, Mr. Jean Olinger, Director for Political Affairs, Mr. Jean-Marie Frentz, Director of MENA and Mr. Delavar Ajgeiy, KRG Representative to the EU also attended the meeting.

(Source: KRG)

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