UNESCO Condemns Destruction of Nimrud

Situated 32 kilometres south of Mosul, the Palace was built dated back to 879 B.C., when Nimrud, then known as Kalhu, served as the capital of the Assyrian Empire.

The propaganda and hatred that underlies these acts, and which is circulating via the internet, demands in response messages of peace and knowledge of history. UNESCO supports all those – in Iraq and elsewhere – who are mobilizing to explain the importance of this heritage and why nothing justifies its destruction,” Ms. Bokova said.

This message needs to be heard, and I invite political and religious leaders along with civil society to support the #Unite4Heritage campaign launched recently by UNESCO, and to speak out against these crimes via all possible channels,” she added.

UNESCO is currently working closely with the Government of Iraq, neighbouring states and the full range of its other partners, to safeguard this millennial heritage.

(Source: United Nations News Centre)

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