KRG Agricultural Output Rises

By John Lee.

At a meeting of the Kurdistan Regional Government's Council of Ministers (pictured), the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, Abdul-Sattar Majid, presented the plans of his ministry to improve the agriculture sector, and outlined the challenges that face the agriculture sector in the Kurdistan Region.

The ministry’s ultimate goal, which is guaranteeing food and water security, was also discussed.

According to the report of the KRG Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, there has been clear increase in agricultural production, compared to the past years. He pointed out that some products’ production has reached a level above the internal demand, such as potato with 153% increase, and wheat with 103% increase. Other products, like chicken egg, with 95% increase, and vegetables with 93% increase, have reached close to the level of internal demand.

KRG Council of Ministers also decided to hold a special meeting, to be attended also by the Kurdistan Region governors, to discuss the abuse of agricultural lands that have been used for other purposes than agriculture.

Prime Minister Barzani reaffirmed that all the ministries should take serious steps toward reform, cut their expenses and increase their incomes, and expressed the full support of the presidency of the Council of Ministers to all the ministries in this regard.

Regarding the reactions to the KRG decision to relocated all the Islamic studies under the supervision and authority of both the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Council of Ministers maintained its decision, emphasizing that it was taken by KRG in agreement with all the ministries and parties.

(Source: KRG)

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