Bahraini Firms Investing Heavily in Iraq

By John Lee.

Bahraini businesses are investing heavily in Iraq, according to a report from Gulf Daily News (GDN).

The country's Ambassador to Iraq, Salah Al Malki [Salah Hassan Al-Maliki] (pictured), told GDN:

"In recent years, due to an influx of pilgrims going to Iraq, we have seen a surge in the number of Bahraini investment projects around the religious shrines in Najaf and Karbala.

"There are more projects awaiting permits in the hotel industry, which sees huge demand throughout the year with millions of people from across the world keen on making a visit to the holy sites.

"These areas are safe and are regularly visited by Bahrainis."

Al Malki went on to say that Bahrainis have invested in the cafe and restaurants industry in Erbil, and that a medical mission will also be set up to serve the estimated 100,000 pilgrims who visit Iraq from Bahrain each year.

(Source: Gulf Daily News)

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