Water-from-Air Systems Installed

Atmospheric Water Solutions (AWS) has shipped and successfully installed two commercial Aquaboy 300’s in Northern Iraq.

With both machines combined, they will produce up to 600 gallons of pure drinkable water from the air per day.

Cedric Turlan, information officer for the NGOs Coordination Committee in Iraq (NCCI), said:

“The water shortage is a real problem in most parts of Iraq as a large part of the country is desert. But the existing networks have also suffered from lack of maintenance or by being destroyed during the previous war and current conflicts.”

Howard Ullman president and CEO of Atmospheric Water Solutions.

“The Middle East has countless struggles with its water resources, and the region needs more than one solution to generate a positive environmental position for the future. Water from air generators are considered part of the water scarcity solution.”

(Source: PR.com)

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