UN Warns on Fraudulent Tender Documents

Statement from UNOPS on Fraudulent Procurement-Related Documents

It has come to the attention of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) that fraudulent procurement-related documents, such as solicitation documents and purchase orders, continue to besold in Iraq for purported UNOPS projects.

We are aware that one such case is related to a purported project with the Iraqi Ministry of Displacement and Migration.

These particular tender documents are being offered for sale and pertain to the purported purchase of caravans for internally displaced people.

UNOPS would like to make clear that the organization does not have a project with the Iraqi Ministry of Displacement and Migration for the procurement of caravans, nor is UNOPS in any way involved in the procurement of caravans for internally displaced people in Iraq.

Furthermore, UNOPS would like to reiterate the notice issued on 9 March 2015 and published in the local Iraqi media, notifying the Iraqi public of the existence of the fraudulent tender notices. A contact email was provided, where those who suspect that fraudulent activity has taken place can submit a complaint.

UNOPS does not, and will never, charge a fee for its tender-related documents, nor will it use a broker to distribute the documents on its behalf.  UNOPS posts all its procurement notices on the UNOPS web page (www.unops.org) and on the United Nations Global Market Place (www.ungm.org), where they are available free of charge to all the interested parties. All authorized contact details for genuine UNOPS procurement documents will use an email address ending with @unops.org.

UNOPS is not in any way liable or otherwise responsible for any payments made, or goods or services provided, as a result of the fraudulent tender documents.

(Source: UN)

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