World Bank approves $350m Iraq Aid

The Government of Iraq’s recovery strategy is to jumpstart the delivery of basic services and rehabilitate critical infrastructure in areas free of the insurgency. Close, continuous coordination will ensure the activities financed benefit the areas to which internally displaced people are expected to return.

Ibrahim Dajani, World Bank Senior Operations Officer and Project Team Leader, said:

“Iraq has enormous development needs, and we are working very closely with our counterparts on tackling these needs. The project lays the groundwork for a medium- to longer- term development agenda, covering multiple sectors such as health, housing, transport corridors, urban development.”

The Performance and Learning Review for Iraq was also discussed by the Bank’s Board of Directors. The report is a mid-term assessment of the World Bank Group’s strategy for its Fiscal Years 2013–2016.

It reviews the Bank’s country program and proposes changes as a result of the new challenges facing Iraq, such as revising the pillars of the strategy, extending the strategy validity by an additional year and reprograming the lending to Iraq towards the government emerging priorities.

(Source: World Bank)

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