Croatia to send Military Trainers to Kurdistan

Croatia’s Defense Minister, Mr. Ante Kotromanović today received Minister Falah Mustafa, Head of KRG Foreign Relations and his accompanying delegation to exchanges views on the fight against ISIS and mutual military cooperation.

Minister Kotromanović expressed his admiration for the bravery of the peshmerga forces in the fight against the ISIS terrorists and stated that, “Fighting ISIS is not only the responsibility of the Kurdistan Region, members of the international community have a shared responsibility to support Peshmerga forces in this fight.

The Defense Minister added, “Croatia is proud to be a member of the anti-ISIS Coalition. We have provided military assistance to the Peshmerga forces and we are determined to continue cooperation with Kurdish security forces until ISIS is defeated.

Minister Kotromanović also announced that Croatia is ready to send some military trainers to the Kurdistan Region to train Peshmerga forces.

The Minister also expressed the readiness of the Croatian government to provide medial assistance to the wounded Peshmergas through sending special medical teams to Kurdistan and providing medical treatment for the wounded Peshmergas in Croatia.

Minister Mustafa expressed the gratitude of the people and the government of Kurdistan Region to Croatia for being part of the anti-ISIS Coalition as well as for providing Peshmerga forces with military assonance.

The KRG Minister said, “Peshmerga forces, with limited resources, have been able to inflict heavy damage on the ISIS terrorists. Therefore; they deserve to receive further military assistance from the members of the Counter ISIS Coalition.

Both Ministers also discussed the issue of foreign fighters joining ISIS in Iraq and Syria. They stressed the need to establish a comprehensive set of international guidelines focused on stopping foreign fighters from joining ISIS.

Croatia’s Ambassador to Iraq, Ambassador Jerko Vukas, Sherzad Sultan, advisor to the KRG Prime Minister as well as several senior officials from both sides also attended the meeting.

(Source: KRG)

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