NGOs in Kurdistan to Consolidate Cooperation

The KRG Department of Foreign Relations (DFR), in coordination with the KRG Department of non-Governmental Organization (DNGO) and the KRG Joint Crisis Coordination Center (JCC) has hosted a special session to discuss cooperation between relevant KRG authorities and the active International non-Governmental Organizations (INGO) in the Kurdistan Region.

Minister Falah Mustafa, Head of the KRG Foreign Relations, thanked the representative of INGOs for attending the session and expressed the gratitude of the KRG for their presence and contribution during this challenging time.

Minister Mustafa stated that the KRG fully supports the mission of INGOs in the Kurdistan Region and that the relevant authorities of the government stand ready to provide the needed assistance in order to ensure the success of the mission of INGOs.

During the session, Head of the KRG DNGO, Mr. Akram Mohammed, gave an overview of the mission and responsibilities of the department and expressed the readiness of the DNGO to fully cooperate with the INGOs and to support their activities in the region.

Head of the JCC, Mr. Hoshang Mohammed, also briefed the representatives of INGOs on the mission of the newly established JCC and discussed ways of building a proper mechanism to build and strengthen understanding and cooperation between JCC and active INGOs in Kurdistan.

During the meeting, several representatives discussed issues and challenges facing the INGOs and exchanged views on how to further consolidate cooperation between KRG and INGOs.

The meeting was attended by representatives of 40 INGOs as well as several officials from DFR, DNGO and JCC.

(Source: KRG)

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