Murdered Trade Ministry Official 'was about to Expose Corruption"

By John Lee.

According to a report from Shafaaq, an Iraqi Trade Ministry media adviser, who was killed last month by a bomb attached to his car, had been about to hand over files accusing the ministry of corruption to the country's Integrity Commission.

The Central Investigating Court said in a statement that four security guards in the Ministry of Trade confessed of bombing the car of Nathim Naeem, the media advisor to the Minister of Trade, Malas Mohammed Abdul Karim [Malas Abdulkarim al-Kasnazani].

A spokesman for that court said the men, arrested for killing several trade ministry employees including Naeem, were part of Abdul Kareem's protection unit. They are awaiting trial on charges of terrorism and premeditated murder, he said.

There is no evidence implicating Abdul Kareem in the killing and he was cleared in an investigation ordered by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

Despite absolving Abdul Kareem of murder, Iraq issued an arrest warrant for the minister and his brother on 18th October after an investigation into bribes, illegal benefits, and the misuse of his position.

(Source: Shafaaq)

(Corruption image via Shutterstock)

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