KRG, US Business Delegation Discuss Opportunities

Minister Falah Mustafa today received representatives of over 25 U.S companies, led by the U.S-Kurdistan Business Council (USKBC), to discuss areas of potential investment for U.S companies in the Kurdistan Region.

In a meeting attended by Bayan Rahman, KRG Representative to the U.S, Minister Mustafa thanked the USKBC for bringing such a high level business delegation to Kurdistan and stressed that the presence and interest of the U.S companies to do business in Kurdistan, at this particular time, was a great show of support and solidarity.

“We must find a way out of the challenges facing our region to increase the active presence of international companies in the Kurdistan Region and to regain the confidence of foreign and local business people and investors,” the KRG Minister added.

The Minister reiterated that, “KRG will maintain its posture of welcoming and encouraging foreign investment, and in providing an environment, in which foreign businesses feel safe, secure, and welcome.”

Members of the delegation recognized the investment opportunities in the Kurdistan Region in various sectors and expressed their readiness to help recover the economy of the Kurdistan Region in partnership with the local private sector.

The United States Kurdistan Business Council is a non-profit trade association based in Washington, DC.   The organization is dedicated to facilitating trade and commerce for U.S companies in the Kurdistan Region and to strengthen ties between the private sector in the U.S and Kurdistan Region.

(Source: KRG)

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