Schlumberger Iraq Activity continuea to Decline

By John Lee.

In a results statement this morning Schlumberger reported that its activity in Iraq has continued to decline, adding:

"In Iraq, Wireline introduced LIVE PL digital slickline production logging services for the Rumaila Operating Organization in the Rumaila Field. LIVE PL technology provided real-time production logs on wells where memory logging was previously the only option.

"The planned shut-in time for the operation was 400 hours, yet only 100 hours were required. As a result, the customer resumed production 12 days earlier than planned thereby avoiding 18,000 bbl in deferred production ...

"Schlumberger used StingBlade conical diamond element bit technology for BP to overcome the need for multiple drilling runs in wellbores in the Rumaila Field.

"StingBlade technology helped increase footage drilled and ROP due to its superior wear resistance. As a result, the customer drilled an entire well section in a single run with a 63.5% improvement in ROP compared to the average offset wells’ ROP, saving the customer more than three days of rig time."

(Source: Schlumberger)

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