Qatar Winterization Project for Displaced Iraqis

Under the ongoing Warm Winter 2015-2016 campaign in several countries, and with a budget of QR 11 million, Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has completed a large-scale winterization project in Al-Anbar Governorate.

The $494,000 (QR 1.8 million) project is aimed at alleviating the suffering of internally displaced Iraqis who fled the fighting in the governorate.

Over a month, QRCS personnel distributed winterization aid like blankets, winter clothes, and heating material to 6,500 families (39,000 people) in several cities and IDP camps.

In cooperation with local partners, the beneficiaries were selected based on certain criteria, focusing on the most vulnerable IDPs who live in very tough conditions outside of camps, especially amid the cold weather and lack of protection.

QRCS is already conducting other relief projects for Iraqi IDPs in Kurdistan, including a water and sanitation project to establish a water storage and distribution system in Ashti Iraqi Refugee Camp, Sulaymaniyah, serving 1,312 families (7,878 people) of the camp.

Under the Warm Winter 2014-2015 campaign in Kurdistan, which targeted the Iraqi IDPs in Erbil, QRCS personnel distributed $219,178 worth of winter aid to 5,088 most-vulnerable families (30,528 people) with widows, children, elderlies, and disabilities. Each family received three blankets.

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