UNICEF, Iraqi Govt Renew Promise to Children in Need

UNICEF and the Government of Iraq today signed the 2016-2019 Country Programme Action Plan, a four year framework by which both parties will work to ensure a bright future for Iraqi children.

In the context of continuing violence across the country, it is all the more critical that we work hand in hand with our government counterparts to reach the most disadvantaged children, women and families,” said Peter Hawkins, UNICEF’s Representative in Iraq. “The Country Programme Action Plan will improve UNICEF’s work to reach Iraqi children in need across the country.

This agreement – the eighth since 1983 when UNICEF first established its presence in Iraq – focuses on a number of strategies to reach the most disadvantaged children throughout the country. These include national-level advocacy and provision of high quality technical assistance, generating data to improve decentralized social service delivery for children, strengthening management skills among service providers, building knowledge of communities and families to practice safe behaviours, and delivery of essential services and commodities.

The Country Programme Action Plan is the culmination of joint consultations between UNICEF and various line ministries and departments, and is linked to planning frameworks such as Iraq’s National Development Plan and the United Nations Development Assistance Framework.

Peter Hawkins, UNICEF’s Representative in Iraq, and Dr Salman Ali Al-Jameeli, the Minister of Planning in Iraq attended the signing ceremony today at the offices of the Ministry of Planning.

(Source: UNAMI)

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