AMAR’s Trauma Therapy Training Begins

Thanks to the incredible support our Escaping Darkness Appeal has received, mental health care training has now officially started in Dohuk!  

Focusing on conflict-related trauma, the training is helping to boost the response to Iraq’s mental health care crisis. Thousands of Iraqis are suffering from complex conflict-related trauma, and rates of depression, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are dangerously high.

With only 17 psychiatrists operating within the North of the country – only four of whom are qualified to work with children and adolescents – there is an urgent need to develop the region’s mental health care capabilities and train health workers to better assist those affected by Daesh violence.

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Elsewhere, AMAR’s ground-breaking Women Health Volunteer (WHV) programme has recently been recognised by the United Nations for its invaluable role in promoting good health. Acknowledging the extensive coverage of AMAR’s volunteers, UNICEF has sponsored an additional 200 WHVs in Baghdad and Babil.

With Iraq’s healthcare system in crisis following decades of conflict and instability, families are all too often forced to travel hundreds of miles to see a doctor – but for many, this is something they simply cannot afford to do. Working within their local communities, AMAR’s WHVs are helping to share life-saving health advice amongst hard-to-reach communities, improving the health of local populations.

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