OIR Spokesman: Counter-ISIL Progress Continues

In other areas, Iraqi forces still retain and defend territory between Beiji and Tikrit, he said.

Peshmerga forces continue to hold and improve their defensive positions in Sinjar, Warren noted, adding coalition forces conducted four airstrikes in that area since last week.

Iraqi forces continue clearing operations near Fallujah along the Tharthar Canal, he said. In northern Iraq, Warren said, the coalition conducted 19 airstrikes last week in Mosul.

“The Islamic State has not gained a single inch of territory in Iraq in months,” he said.

The Battle in Syria

Coalition airstrikes also were conducted against the Omar Gas and Oil Separation Plant in Dayr ez Zawr, Syria, Warren said.

Videos of the airstrikes on the plant demonstrate “the extraordinary precision of our airstrikes, which stands in stark contrast to the reckless indiscriminate bombing campaign that's been waged by the Russians,” he said.

Vetted Syrian opposition forces remain in their defensive position along the Mara line, the colonel said, while Aleppo’s situation is monitored.

“We're concerned with the reduced humanitarian access and continued strikes by the Russians and the Syrians [while] thousands of civilians are suffering,” Warren said. “The situation in and around Aleppo has become, in our view, increasingly dire.”

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