Iraq Approves Plans for Kirkuk Airport

By John Lee.

Iraq approved plans to transform the air base in Kirkuk into a modern civic airport.

To do so it is seeking an investor to carry out the project an Iraqi MP told Rudaw, citing that several domestic and foreign companies have requested tender to start working on it.

Iraqi MP Arshad Salehi told Rudaw:

“I talked to the minister of transportation and he told me the Kirkuk governor agreed to the plan but is looking for an investor."

He added that previous plans to transform the airport had not succeeded due to disagreements between the ministries of defense and transportation.

The head of the Kirkuk Investment Board, told Rudaw.

"There are plenty of foreign investors applying for the project. A few days ago an Italian company visited us to know about the projects, but details about the project are yet to be released."

(Source: Rudaw)

(Picture: Kirkuk city)

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