Why is Iraq Challenging Human Rights Reports?

He added, “Those running the Iraqi state think in a totalitarian way, and this is why they reject reports that reveal human rights violations — although the ruling political elite used to take advantage of international organizations, when they were against the Saddam Hussein regime. This is where human rights organizations condemned the dictatorship of Saddam’s regime. Unfortunately this elite has started to look like Saddam in everything they do.”

The Iraqi government continues to deny and criticize international and human rights reports on the flagrant human rights violations in Iraq today — whether they are caused by the government itself or groups affiliated with influential figures in the Iraqi state, such as militias close to political leaders. This is true particularly since some do not want their crimes to be labeled as violations.

The human rights situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate, especially after IS seized Mosul on June 10, 2014, and displaced and killed minorities and all those violating its orders, thereby exacerbating human rights violations in the country and causing widespread reprisals and chaos.

(Human rights image via Shutterstock)

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