Russian Ambassador Discusses Ties with KRI

By John Lee.

KRG Minister Falah Mustafa met with Russian Ambassador to Iraq Mr. Ilya Morgunov and Russian Consul General in Kurdistan Mr. Viktor Simakov on Sunday to discuss strengthening bilateral ties and challenges facing Kurdistan and the wider region.

Minister Mustafa and Ambassador Morgunov reviewed ways of strengthening bilateral cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Kurdistan Region in various fields.

Minister Mustafa briefed the Ambassador on the ongoing security, financial, and humanitarian challenges facing the KRG and requested continued support from the Russian Federation.

Ambassador Morgunov affirmed the commitment of his government to continue to provide military and humanitarian assistance to the Kurdistan Region.

He stressed that the international community has a shared responsibility to support the region in the fight against ISIS, as it poses a serious threat to international security and peace.

(Source: KRG)

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