PM Barzani Laments Lack of International Support

By John Lee.

In a speech to the fourth annual Sulaimani Forum, held by the American University of Sulaimani, KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani explained the current situation in Kurdistan Region, focusing on the internal political conditions, the war against ISIS, the economic crisis and Kurdistan Region’s relations with Baghdad.

He was particularly critical of the lack of international support for the region in its time of crisis:

"... the decline in oil prices, depriving the Kurdistan Region of Iraq’s cash reserves and international loans, made the economic crisis on the people of Kurdistan ever more harsh.

"It is similarly unfortunate that in this time of crisis no country has given the Kurdistan Region any financial support. At a time when Kurdistan has turned into the forefront of the war against terrorism and home to its refugees, the people of Kurdistan expected the world to help their country.

"But unfortunately that has not happened yet. But we stress once again to the whole world that the people and Peshmerga forces of Kurdistan need your support in this war and economic crisis."

(Source: KRG)

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