Marsh Residents hold tight to their Reed Homes

Iraq is seeking to include the marshes on the World Heritage List in mid-July at the UNESCO meeting to be held in Turkey, where member states will vote on the inclusion of new sites on the list.

Adel al-Dukheili, the official in charge of trying to get the marshes included on the World Heritage List, told Al-Monitor, “There are exceptional efforts made by the local government and the Nasiriyah provincial council in cooperation with the citizens to achieve this goal, which has political, cultural and economic ends.”

He added, “There is international sympathy for the inclusion of the marshes on the World Heritage List, especially the reed guesthouses in southern Iraq because of their Sumerian cultural and social role.”

For the residents of southern Iraq to maintain their culture of building homes out of reeds and to prevent the people from migrating, national and international support of the residents of the marsh areas is required.

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