Will Sadr Attack US Forces?

Sadr’s threats against the US Embassy in Baghdad are nothing new. He said March 8, “All embassies in the Green Zone [the heavily fortified area that includes Iraqi government buildings and diplomatic missions] in Baghdad will be safe from any attack, should Iraqi [protesters] wish to enter it, except for the US and British embassies.”

Sadr, however, is not the only one to threaten the US forces in Iraq. The PMU, which is closely linked to Iran, considers the US troops to be an occupying force and has threatened to target them. Threats and statements have yet to be translated into actual acts on the ground, despite the US advisers’ presence in western Iraq for two years now.

Thus, any party seeking to target US military forces could find itself at loggerheads with the Iraqi government, which does not view the US troops as an occupying force in Iraq but as a force working with the Iraqi forces, which gives them legitimacy to be present on Iraqi territory.

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