IS Attacks Energy Infrastructure

By John Lee.

Militants from the Islamic State group (IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh) have reportedly attacked two energy facilities in northern Iraq on Sunday.

Reuters reports that four men stormed the 'AB2' gas compressor station, about 15 km northwest of Kirkuk, shooting dead four employees, wounding others, and setting off around five explosions.

Counter-terrorism forces regained control of the facility, but he attackers are believed to have escaped to the Bai Hassan oil station, 25 km further northwest, where they launched a similar attack, detonating explosive vests and destroying an oil storage tank. One engineer was killed, as were all of the assailants.

It was not clear when operations at the station, which had been pumping 55,000 bpd to Iraqi Kurdistan, would return to normal.

(Sources: Reuters, AFP)

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