UN Aid Agencies to Administer New Funding

By John Lee.

The US State Department has clarified that the funds raised at the recent pledging conference will not go to the Kurdish or Iraqi governments, but will be distributed through the United Nations.

Responding to questions at the daily press briefing on Friday, State Department spokesman John Kirby (pictured) said:

"I think there’s a fundamental misunderstanding in the statement itself. The money is not going to Baghdad. The money is going to the UN and to agencies – UN agencies that distribute, based on need, the amount – the proper amounts of humanitarian assistance.

"So those donations, and our contribution is among them, will go to the UN to distribute. And they do a remarkable job figuring out who needs to get it, where they are, and how much they need to get. And we have complete trust and confidence in their ability to keep doing that."

(Source: US State Dept)

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