Progress Degrading ISIL in Syria, Iraq

Coalition forces, along with partners on the ground in Iraq and Syria, are furthering gains in countering the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, a Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman said today.

The coalition is continuing to carry out strikes against the "breadth and depth of [ISIL's] formations in both Iraq and Syria," according to Army Col. Christopher Garver, who spoke to Pentagon reporters via teleconference from a military installation in the Middle East.

"The coalition continues to maintain momentum achieved due to the progress made over the last year by the Iraqi security forces and our partner forces in Syria," he said.

Since June 13, the coalition has conducted 10 strikes against foreign fighter facilities, including meeting, training and weapons storage facilities in both Iraq and Syria, Garver said.

"These strikes against foreign fighter facilitation networks degrade [ISIL's] ability to reconstitute its combat power with fresh foreign fighters," he said.

Garver said partnered forces on the ground in Iraq and Syria continue to demonstrate momentum against ISIL.

Progress in Manbij

The Syrian Arab Coalition and Syrian Democratic Forces have made progress in the Syrian city of Manbij in recent days, Garver said. There are gains toward the center of the city and on the eastern and southern flanks of Manbij, he said.

"We've also seen several hundred civilians fleeing Manbij make it safely out of the city and through the SAC lines," he said. "This remains a very tough and deliberate fight, as the SAC clears the city house by house and room by room, while working to avoid civilian casualties."

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