Commando Raid Kills ISIS Oil Chief

By Simon Kent.

US Special Forces, possibly in conjunction with Kurdish commandos, have been involved in a targeted raid near the Iraqi border town of Al Qaim, CNN reports.

The target of the raid, intended for capture, was killed during a firefight, according to the Kurdish Security Council. The raiding party were attempting to capture Sami Jassim Mohammed Al-Jabouri, an ISIS figure responsible for managing what is left of the terrorist group's energy sector, which was mostly bombed into disuse in 2015.

According to an un-named US military spokesperson, the ETF raid (Expeditionary Targeting Force) was conducted in coordination with the Iraqi government, since it occurred on Iraqi soil. Al Qaim is a remote town on the Iraq-Syrian border, and has long been a transit hub for ISIS fighters.

(Source: CNN)


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